Meet Adrian

A passionate graphic designer with outstanding creativity

Meet Adrian

A passionate graphic designer with outstanding creativity.

Adrian Radion

Adrian works from 2010 in the creative field. He worked as a trainer in various NGO’s and he had few management responsibilities in the last years. It is considered by many people a smart person which is focused all the time on things that matters and he never lose anything from his sight. He don’t know how, but all the time he succeed to make the things done and satisfy all his clients. He is defined by the modern design, simple and geometric with huge impact.

“Creativity is a state of mind, which exist in every human cell and which can be educated to get outstanding results.”

He discovered freelancing life style 2 years ago and he fall in love with it because he can combine passion and work to achieve great results. He worked with many people and corporations helping them to achieve their desired designs.

Alexandru Cernat Street, No. 3, Block M7C, AP. 88

Galaţi City, Romania

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